How I Serve You

We will meet at least once before your labor and birth. During our visit(s) we will discuss your hopes, plans, and goals for your labor, birth, and postpartum period. We will review your birth preferences, previous birth experiences, coping mechanisms, fears, and any questions or concerns.

I am available 24 hours-a-day via phone, text, and email to address your questions and concerns. I have resources (e.g. articles, books, referrals, etc.) at my disposal and can offer suggestions or materials that may be of use to you. I encourage you to check in with me following appointments with your care provider.

Call me when you think you are in labor, even if you do not yet need me; I can answer questions or make suggestions over the phone. We will decide if I should come immediately or await further change. I usually need one to two hours from the time you request me to get to you. Excepting extraordinary circumstances, I or my back-up will remain with you throughout your labor and birth.  

After the birth I will remain with you for one to two hours or until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together. I can assist with initial breastfeeding before I leave. I will usually contact you by phone every day after your baby is born until I see you at our first postpartum visit, which typically occurs three days post-birth. During this visit I can assist with lactation and newborn care, discuss your birth, and draw on my resources for any other needs you may have. The second postpartum appointment will occur roughly a month after your baby is born. At this time I can help you process your birth and provide you with any other resources you may need. 


For my services as described: $1,000